Duplicate content is a necessary SEO issue because search engines try to filter out as many duplicates as possible, to offer the best search experience. If you copy someone else’s same content onto your site or if they publish yours on their site, that’s duplicate content/ plagiarism. This tool is able to detect two types of (text-based) duplicate content. Duplicate content types:


Internal duplicate content. This means the same text is found on multiple pages on the same URL.

External duplicate content. In this case, the same text is found on multiple domains.


Why is it important to prevent duplicate content?


As search engines don’t like Duplicate content/plagiarism because users aren’t obsessed with looking at a search results page that contains multiple URLs, all containing more or less similar content. To restrict this from happening, search engines try to determine the original source, so they can show this URL for an appropriate search query and filter out all the duplicates. As we are familiar with, search engines do a pretty good job at filtering duplicates, but it is still pretty hard to determine the original webpage which is free from plagiarism.


How to check for duplicate content?


You must probably know that your website should always contain original content. If your site contains duplicate content, it is not allowed both online as well as offline, which also decreases your site ranking and your reputation.


Plagiarism can cause you to be penalized by Google by having your page rank lowered as well as have your web page removed altogether from searches. This directly defeats the purpose of publishing content at all.


Tools to have a check on duplicate content –


When you are writing your content, you may unintentionally create content too similar to already-published content. In this situation, it’s always a good idea to re-check your content using plagiarism checkers to make sure your content is viewed as unique and delivers good quality content. Several of these tools are used to check duplicate content available at no cost are:-








What can be the tools to check plagiarism?


Plagiarism tools usually offer reports that can verify proof of originality. Keep you safe from future implications that your work is not original can be contradicted with these reports that can be saved in a PDF format. Plagiarism checkers come up with the ability to check for duplicate content as they give you the peace of mind of knowing your work won’t be attributed to someone who didn’t write it.


Tools to check duplicate content include –






How you can deal with content scrapers?


Scraping content is unethical. Once you have got to know that your content has been scraped, you have a couple of options on what you should do.


If your content has been scraped? You will be able to find out who is hosting it using the free tool Whoishostingthis.com. Just contact the hosting company and let them know that the owner of the website is publishing copyrighted.


A final thought on content duplicate check


Content should be well-written with new concepts, information, and unique so that readers attract and can have the best online experience possible.