Remarketing Ads

What Remarketing Ads refers to?

Remarketing Ads helps to show the ads again on different platforms to their potential customers who visited their web pages or apps. It shows when your customers leave the page without buying anything. 

How Remarketing Ads help you to connect with your potential customers? 

Advertisers create an audience list and it’s based on the behaviour of visitors on their website. When a listed user visits their site a cookie is placed on their browser. When users leave the site and if they visited browsers from GDN they will see your Remarketing ads. It made them think about the product again and again and most of the customers were interested but due to high prices or any other reason they ignored it, these ads helped them to reconnect . It is much cheaper than any other ads and helps to reconnect more customers. 

How to create a Remarketing ads step-by-step:

Step-1.In the Google Ads menu bar, click the tool icon.

Then, under “Shared Library,” select “Audience manager.”

On the left-hand menu, select “Audience sources”. 

Step-2.You can choose the tags you want to use for your remarketing objectives here. 

Step-3.Select “Set up Tag” under “Google Ads Tag”.

Step-4.To continue, click “Save.”

Step-5. Decide how you want the tag to be installed. 

Types of Remarketing ads:

Standard remarketing: shows ads to past visitors based on their behaviour. 

Dynamic remarketing: shows ads about products Or service viewed by the past visitors. 

Remarketing lists for search ads: It shows past visitors who searched sites on google Or any other search station. 

Video marketing: shows ads to those visitors who reached your YouTube channel. 

Email listing marketing: upload list of your customers to AdWords and show ads when users signed into your G-mail, YouTube or google search. 

How to target your customers? 

Remarketing should be a sequenced two-way conversation with the customer-“Listen” not a good idea to target all visitors excluding some users like from sign up ones. Segment your website and deliver the right message at the right time at night impact placements. Types of visitors: Category visitors, shopping cart abandonment, free trial,  actions, etc.