Twitter marketing

What is Twitter marketing?


Twitter is one of the social media platform. A Twitter marketing is a tactic about creating and publishing content for their followers, audience and buyers personas. The aim of this strategy is to lure new followers, uplift conversions and recognition of their brands increment in their sales.

If you want to make Twitter marketing plan you are required to follow the steps which are given below:

1. You have to analyse your buyers and audience image.


2. You have to create distinctive and charming content.


3. Make schedule to post your content.


4. Examine your influence and results.

How you can utilise Twitter for business:

1. Design and make your profile.

Try to design your Twitter profile with your own logo, colours , and add any identifiable and unforgettable details that make your profile remarkable. Which is easily recognisable by the audience. Following are the you places in which you can design your profile.

* Handle: Twitter handle is your username for this platform. When you sign up for an account you have to create your Twitter handle. Your username should comprise your company‘s name so that yours followers, customers can easily identify and search your profile on this platform.

* Header: The background image of your Twitter profile is known as the header. You should select unique image where your header should consist your company logo or any branded image.

* Profile picture: your profile picture is located above your bio. You should select a profile picture which includes your company logo or company’s initials. Profile picture should be so strong that it represents you are image, posts, and tweet on this platform.

* Bio: Twitter bio is shown to everyone go to your profile. It is a summary about you in about 160 characters or less.

* Website URL: under your bio you can add your URL which directly leads traffic to your website.

2. Organise a twitter list:

Any user can organise his Twitter list. You can make your list by categorising of Twitter accounts which you have selected and arrange them in certain manners.

3. Organise a Twitter chat:


You can schedule and organise a Twitter chat to attract your followers where you can discuss a topic, ring sense of community and ask your followers for their opinions and feedback on your business that you are working on.

4. Advertising on Twitter:


It is an amazing way to communicate with your audience. It will make your tweets findable by large number of people. It will help you to maximise your influence and following. It can be done through promoted tweets and Twitter ads. Promoted tweets make your tweets to be visible in tweeted streams or Twitter search results of certain users. While on the other hand Twitter ads are amazing option if you are willing to achieve single goal for your business through different kind of tweets. You can include video views website convergence and app installs in your Twitter ads.

5. Become verified on Twitter:

Depending upon the size of your industry and company you should make your Twitter profile verified. Twitter applies a condition that they only allow request for verification of account if you belong to acting, fashion, government, religion, sports and other interest areas. Being verified on Twitter make your account look more trustworthy and real.