Shopping Ads


Shopping Ads are most probably relevant for driving traffic. Google shopping is a comparison which is a type of service that permits the retailers to advertise their products to find it in a much appealing manner.

Efficiently it means if one searches for the product that you sell, Google will make relevant shopping ads for your products, and those of your opponent. If the user clicks on your ad, Google will take her right to the product page.


What is the use of Google shopping ads ?


There is a main reason why I advise stores to start with Google Shopping.

In these search results, there are text-based search ads, where you are supposed to add keywords manually.

While shopping ads can require much time at starting, whereas they need a lot less ongoing effort afterward.

Shopping ads get the premium spot in the search results as their visual frame attracts most of the clicks. More the clicks, that concludes more the profit for Google, but it is also likely to be working for retailers.


How does Google Shopping Ads proceed?


First, Google’s algorithm summons a particular file i.e. called as product feed (more on this later) that includes all of your store’s product data (things like titles, descriptions, images, price,includes).

Now google uses this data to match your products with relevant search queries as well as to frame the similar ads.

Presume as if someone is attracted to what they see, surely they’ll click on your ad which will take them to your website. So when people will see Shopping Ads that are accurate for their search queries, viewing an image of the product, with the price and additional information.


How to add up your products to Google Shopping Ads?


Primarily this process consists of four elements:


1.Your store and products

2.Your product feed

3.Google Merchant Center Account (GMC)

4.Google Ads Account


Now go through these tips for how to add your products to Google Shopping.


  • Creating Your Product Feed- Shopping Ads: Develop the feed by using an app, extension, or tool, or do it manually by framing a spreadsheet.

  • Fixing up Google Merchant Center- If your store’s platform is connected to Google Merchant Center, then you don’t have to upload your product data feed as the data is automatically sent to GMC.

If so, then you may skip this.If not, you have to do this manually. Click “Products” then “Feeds”.

  • Creating a Google Shopping Campaign- In your Google Ads dashboard, you can set a new Shopping campaign by directly clicking the addition sign on the “Campaigns” screen.




Your Shopping campaigns are your shop aperture, your front-door greeter and your lifeline to today’s persistently-connected shoppers. You must hold on to them top-notch and up-to-date, and get to know the consumer’s response with their attention and their dollars. Then measure and optimize your results, so that shoppers can tell you what they find most useful and compelling.