Schema is a code which helps search engine to know your content. It is language of SEO like computer has one. Schema is agonies it doesn’t matter which search engine is review it the result will be the same. Examples of schema are rubrics, perceived social roles, stereotypes, and worldviews. It is important because it helps in increasing your SEO reach and CTR, good appearance in SERP’s.

What is a schema mark-up? contain universal vocabulary that all search engine (i.e., Bing, google, yahoo) agree for understanding the content within the website. is also referred to as schema mark-up, by adding mark-up to your website you make it easier for search engine to understand what is there in your content and helps in increasing snippets, it appears below your site’s page title. How important schema mark-up is for your company can be measured by the fact that group of search engines such as google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex have created schema mark-up.

Schema implementation can be done in two popular ways that is JSON-LD and micro data.

 JSON-LD:  JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data ( JSON-LD). For describing what a web page is about JSON-LD uses vocabulary. JSON-LD is considered easily to implement because without effecting the existing HTML, you can simply past it. JSON-LD is usually placed in the head section you can place in body section also.

Micro data: Micro data tells the search engine about the elements of the website. It benefits the searchers in a way by telling the searchers some features about the website or what special feature it has before actually click on the site.

Type of Schema  mark-up are used for: 

  • Articles • Events • Products • People • Organizations • Local Businesses • Reviews • Recipes • Medical conditions 

How to generate schema for HTML?

There are bunch of tools you can use for easy generation and implementation schema in JSON-LD or micro data. Google’s structured Data Mark-up Helper is one tools that can help you in this case.

How it works:

It’s easy as applying butter to bread you just have to highlight and label the elements properly that you want to mark-up, then hit create HTML and the code will be generated you have to select between JSON-LD and micro data. There will also be an auto generated JSON-LD script option in which you just have to copy paste to the article code for mark-up the important elements. 

Free Schema Generators apps

1. Schema Mark-up Generator Schema mark-up generator provide both JSON-LD format and micro data format you can choose between them. They have made JSON-LD format easy to use by making it in ready-to-use format in which you can copy and paste into correct and appropriate section of your website.

2. Google’s structured data helper & data highlighter For those of you coding of tech not savvy you can use a data highlighter because it’s easy and non-tech unlike a structured data helper. generator

 There are more apps but these are best.