Ranking Report 

The ranking report work is to frame variable rankings, across many dimensions, while checking various selection criteria at run-time. Also can be referred to, it lets you rank any aspect of your data from best to worst, or can be vice-versa. Not only this it gives an opportunity to users to instantly run a top/bottom ranking report done with a graph. 

What is the use of a ranking report? 

Ranking reports are simple, yet powerful end-user reporting tools. An IT department can create a single ranking report, include the necessary selection criteria (like product sales, customer info, sales data, etc..), and turn it over to the end-users. Based on their desired selection criteria, end users can easily elevate top/bottom ranking reports for different aspects of the business. 

How are ranking reports used? 

As the name implies, this reporting type delivers top-N style rankings. For example, businesses use ranking reports to: 

Rank their most beneficial products over a select time-frame 

Understand their best and worst-performing salespeople and 

view their top/bottom retail locations over the past year 

and so much more… 

And customize your reports to give them a branded look! 

With the customization module offered, you can adjust the look and feel of your keyword ranking report in any way you want. Choose whatever elements you feel are appropriate for your work, adjust color schemes, and raise the structural elements around freely. 

At any point, if you feel like you aren’t loving the look of your report, you can just edit them and make them into a bona fide piece of informational art. 

To make your keyword ranking report an even more informative read and appealing, by just adding notes and comments to go along with any ranking report, explaining certain statistics. 

Schedule reporting and get an update on your vital SEO stats every day, week, or month! You can also set up reporting so that your clients/marketing team members get their scheduled rankings reports on time, without having to worry about it! 

Create an unlimited number of SEO reports:- 

The most relevant feature of our SEO tools is that by which you can frame any number of keyword reports to keep your affiliates, team members, and potential clients always up to date.

You can use the White Label feature for SEO reporting:- 

Rank Tracker provides you an opportunity to make white-label reports. Any company or SEO agency can now add their logo and company information to reports to make them look really professional and appealing. For enhancing it you can apply unique color schemes to give a branded look to the ranking reports. Basically, this feature is supported to back up your enterprise with SEO outsource or private label services.