What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management is about improving and monitoring how your business is viewed online and also maintaining the business image in Infront of potential customers, reporters, competitors, and your people. It helps us to understand the company’s online entity. This entails ensuring that you know what is being said about you, and how you are leading the conversation.

Your positive Online Reputation is directly proportional to your business growth. It simply protects your brand’s reputation.

Why is ORM important?

It is a fact that about 90% of customers check online reviews before buying or visiting a business. We always have to take care of the online reputation because a single negative comment or rating can swing the mood of the customer. It is also ensuring the user’s information found online is accurate, authentic, and up-to-date.

ORM Tools:

  1. Brand Mentions.

  2. Buzzsumo>> Brand mentions

                       Competitor mentions

                        Keyword mentions


                        An author

     3. Google Alerts >> Create Customs alerts in Google Alerts.

 Process of Online Reputation Management:

The following process is involved in maintaining the online reputation management

  •   The collection of data-this could be from various online platforms, such as blogs, forums, review sites, and message boards for user-generated content, news and magazine sites, and PR newsletter of professional journalists.

  • Within the process stage, useless data or irrelevant information should be discarded. Useful data is processed into logical groups for analysis.

  •   The data is analyzed in the light of its relevance, popularity, and the influence of its author or the web presence that hosts it. Reports are then developed that can be made available to the decision-makers.

  • Action-an immediate action is generally required in online problems, as such messages spread like fire. The reputation management team is generally authorized to react fast and take immediate action.

How can you check Online Reputation Management?

On Search

  • Google your business, your people, or product name, and look at these listing:

  • Are you in the first five listings? [SEO]

  • Are the links you are seeing positive?

  • Check your Google My Business listing:

     3. Does one exist?

     4. Is the information accurate?

On Social Platform

  • Check your brand’s social account

  •   How many followers do you have or like on FB? 

  •   When was the last time you posted?

  •   Do you respond to comments?

  •   How about messages?

  •   What’s the average response time?

  •   Does what you are posting represent and reflect your 

  •              Brand? 

  • Check what’s being said on social:

  • Search your hashtags, location, and your brand name. 

  • Are people talking about you and your business?  If so, is it positive commentary?


 It plays a 50% role in maintaining ORM.

  • Check review sites:

  • Check your google reviews. Do you have any? How many stars do you have? Are you Responding to reviews? Do you have a strategy for doing so?

  • Check out your Facebook reviews. Are customers leaving reviews on your Facebook Page? Is your team responding to them?

  • Check out other review sites likeTrustpilot.com, amazon.in, Mouthshut.com, Glassdoor.com, etc