Instagram Marketing

What is Instagram marketing?


Instagram marketing is a kind of social media marketing, it includes encouraging a brand on Instagram. This platform supports many brands to connect with huge audience that extend brand awareness and uplift their sales.

Instagram marketing strategy:

1. Aim on your goals:

You need to draft your Instagram strategy bye laying down certain goals. By setting goals you will be able to focus on the things that you want to do on Instagram. The main objectives of the brands is to leverage their brand awareness, reputation management, building a community, increment in sales, attracting customers and more. Your goals should correspond with your business needs.

2. Examine your competitors:

If you want to compete with your competitors in Instagram marketing, you have to investigate your competitors profile. You should keep an eye on how they interact with their audience and

influencers, what type of content they share etc. you should get a hint what kind of hashtags they are using to get popular.

3. Get a business account:

On Instagram there are two kinds of accounts – personal and business accounts. In business accounts you can keep a track on your performance, get to know about behaviour of your followers and can add information of your company etc.

following are the steps to create a business account:

1. Open Instagram app you will have two options for creating your Instagram account for your business – login with Facebook or sign up with phone or email. Ensure that you sign up with a business email so that your Instagram profile do not get linked to your personal Facebook account.

2. Then you have to enter your account details. In the ‘Full name’ option you have to fill your actual business name so it could be recognisable by your visitors.

3. Then you have to pick a username. The username should be unique and engaging with your brand. You should select a user name which is identifiable and not difficult to find.

4. Then you have to select a profile picture. Your profile picture will impact new visitors on your page. You should consider your brand logo or any familiar image corresponding to your brand.

5. Then you have to set up your Instagram bio. Instagram bios have 150 characters maximum so you should be direct here with your goal. It should be brief that people get to know who you are and why should they follow you.

6. Then you have to adjust your settings. In the upper right hand corner there are three stacked lines, click on it. Then You see a menu bar, you have to click on settings which will be located at the bottom. From where you can manage your story settings, Account privacy, comments privacy. Then you should switch to a personal account. Go to your settings click on account and then select ‘Switch to personal account’.

How to develop Instagram marketing:

1. You should use user generated content bracket UGC bracket close. It is magical for Instagram marketing. It assist you get videos and images to post. It also make better cost-per-click statics.

2. Use stories and highlights. After 24 hours the story is vanished. For you to keeping your stories on your page you can add them to special section on the page which is known as highlights. People become more fascinated in brands or products by seeing them in stories.

3. You should collaborate with influencers. It is the most used tactics by marketers for their campaign. You should choose such influencers who are engaging to your followers.