Landing page ads

What Is a Landing page?

In layman language, a landing page is the first page a person “lands on” after clicking a link. 

Simply put, a landing page might be almost anything: your homepage, a blog post, a product page, a lead capture page, etc. 

If an online marketer is talking about “landing pages”, He/she is perhaps talking about pages that are designed specially for a specific marketing campaign.

Following are the actions which a marketer wants a visitor to do on landing page:

  1. Register for an event 

  2. Call the company for more details  

  3. Reach out to you(company/marketer) via chat 

  4. Subscribe to a newsletter or email list 

  5. Make a purchase 

  6. Become our lead by submitting a form.

A landing page has 5 essential content named as:

1.Above the fold content 

Marketers have stolen the term Above the fold from the news industry. Although above the fold is a literal term for newspapers, for online marketers it is used to describe content in the top 600 pixels or so of a landing page. 

The first thing which captures the attention of customers on the landing page is the above fold content . That’s why it is necessary for any marketer to keep in mind to make above the fold content as enticing as possible. 

Let us look at some common Above the fold  content.

  • Main headline

Main headline is the cherry on the cake, if it is eye-catching then the customer will definitely take some time to read  more content on the landing page.  

There is not any fixed blueprint for the main headline as the headline depends on the business of the marketer what they are selling or providing services of.

  • Supportive headline

Sometimes it’s a little hard for the marketer to address the customer fully with the headline, in this case supportive headline helps the marketer to complete the information which they want to provide whereas many times supportive headlines is just for adding the tagline of the product Or of the company.

  • Hero shot

Of course the main and supporting headline can only say a few words. It is often hard to urge someone to possess an emotional response in only a sentence or two. In this case we have Hero short that is the pictures , Marketers can easily use pictures to capture the attention of the customers .

2.CTA (call to action) 

Majority companies place a call to action above the fold. Since, call to action is what they are asking their customers to do. Call to action are often anything like: 

#Get the premium subscription only @₹ 499/- Or 

#Fill this to get the certificate

3.Show them the benefits

If the customers start scrolling the landing page then it is necessary for the marketer to provide information regarding the company product services offered to the customers. 

4.Social proof 

Majority people don’t believe the marketers, what they are saying about their product or services after all marketers aim is to make money, but on the other hand people are eager to know what other customers have to say about the product or services these reviews are the social proof which helps the customers to make their mind whether they should proceed further or not.  

5.Closing arguments/ reinforcing statement 

With closing arguments marketers should summarise everything that they had covered  in the rest of the landing page. Although most customers doesn’t make it to reach the end of the page but for the customers who make it all the way through the page it is necessary to right closing argument/reinforcing statement.