Video Ads


It refers to the process of displaying ads either inside online video content usually before, during or after a video stream, known as a pre-roll, mid-roll and post roll or as standalone ads. A superiority of video ads are brought, sold and displayed programmatically using various targeting methods and may also involve convertible components.


What are the various video ad formats?


  • Linear Video Ads- Displayed before, during and after the video content.

  • Non- linear video ads- Run concurrently with video content.

  • Companion Ads- Involve images, text, don’t interrupt  video content. 


Where are video ads shown?

  • On over the top

  • Mobile Apps

  • Web browsers


Where do these video ads tech platforms appear?


Compelling video campaigns can be created with a range of video ad formats to captivate customers in various ways on Youtube and across video partner sites.

Video ad formats involve-

  • Skippable in stream ads 

  • Non- skippable in stream ads 

  • Video discovery

  • Bumper ads

  • Out stream

  • Masthead ads


What is a video ads strategy?

It implies the process of setting aim and forethought how to use the videos, how to regulate the impact, how to reach a target audience, how to test and how you inspect the results.

Primarily it is how a company can create video content to track and achieve their marketing goals.

Video Marketing could be used to promote a brand and how to guide. If the brand is focusing on new customers, the goal will be making the viewer aware of what company introduces content.


How long should a video ad campaign run?


If the motive of the campaign is brand awareness, the ads might run for an indefinite amount of time or until they hit a target number of imprints or views and if the campaign is focused on obtaining customers to take a certain action, the ads might run for a minuscule span of time.


What makes a video ad better?


First of all when companies are designing online video, they should try to focus at the first five to 10 seconds, because most users click away after that point. Second, it is also a good idea to use humans when appropriate. People like to laugh, so if you want to meet the same requirement, create a funny video to make people remember it. 

Finally make sure you optimise for search engines to find your video (SEO) and no one will see it. These ads should focus more on vastly acquiring the reader’s attention and obtaining the point across.


Do video ads have limitations?


Since video ads are expensive and skippable, there is the chance you could invest a lot of money in ads that no one watches. If you don’t gather a viewer’s attention early on, you’ve lost them.


Video ads will continue to evolve because as technology improves the ability to personalise ads will increase.