Gmail Ads

What are Gmail Ads ? 

Gmail Ads- also known as Gmail sponsored content allow the e-marketers to display and campaigns as sponsored messages in a user’s inbox. There is a green “ Ad” tag attached to these ads ,these ads will show up like a regular email above the rest of the contents of anyone’s inbox.  

When anyone clicks on these ads it’ll open like an usual email only once it appears on the screen you’ll see an image based message with call to action ( CTA) attached to it. Since we all check our emails 1000 times a day, marketers have a good chance to campaign their ads via Gmail as it is a popular and worthwhile platform for campaign ads.  

Marketers can create Gmail Ads through the Google ads platform, in order to create Gmail ads they need to choose “display ads” and then “Gmail ads”. 

Here are some tips for optimising Gmail Ads: 

1.Be strategic about be strategic about your audience targeting: 

Marketers have three main options for Gmail ads when it comes to audience targeting 

  • Keyword targeting, This will show ads to the users who have searched for or showed interest in certain search phrases.  

  • Audience targeting, This feature allows marketers to remarket to specific group of users 

  • Demographic targeting, This option leads the marketers to target based on age, gender , household income location etc. 

Remarketing is one of the best features to have a direct conversion because users are familiar with the brand and are more likely to purchase.

2.Test out Conservative Automation:

Conservative automation allows the Marketers to target consumers similar to the ones that you have targeted with your current CPC.  

Although automation is good, aggressive automation won’t be a good option whereas aggressive automation won’t be a good option for many campaigns. Since, quantity is good but quality always needs to come first.

3.Throw in some Emojis: 

This sounds quite simple but it’s as effective as other tips. A simple way to add emoji to an ad’s headline is to find the suitable emoji, copy it and then paste it directly into the headline while creating the ad campaigns.

 4.Target competitor keywords: 

Targeting competitors keywords is a great approach too to  target their customer or potential customers. If the marketer is not exactly sure what branded terms customers are searching then it is essential to take time and do a little digging with keyword research on competitor’s name.

5.Use Short, impactful Subject lines:

Email subject lines play an essential role in campaign ads. Subject line of any Gmail Ad Is the cherry on the cake, if it is eye-catching then the customer will definitely take some time to open the email and read the ad and look at what  the company is offering and what the email is for.

While creating subject line one can keep these points in mind: 

  • Avoid spam words in your email subject line.  

  • Ask open ended questions within the subject line.

  • Use concise language.  

  • DON’TUSE ALL CAPS or overuse exclamation posts!!!  

  • Use engaging preview text.