Display Ads 

What are display ads? 

It refers to a process of advertising a product or service through visuals like images and videos on a network of various websites such as Facebook, Google Display Network etc. Intent of display ads is to stand out, especially these display ads are called out for attention. 

You’ll get to learn how to target the right audience and tie them together in a funnel that generates the optimum results. 

Some forms of display ads are:- 

  • Banner Ads 

  • Interstitial Ads 

  • Rich Media 

  • Video Ads 

Why should one include display ads in their marketing campaigns? 

Display ads bestow you with the opportunity to showcase your offers in a wide variety of ad formats. In addition when one creates display ads on advertising platforms, it fulfills the potential to take users on millions of websites. Creating optimized display ads is necessary for building business and advertising campaign success. 

It is the smartest way to build brand awareness and get clicks, sales and attract the users in your business who have found your display ads to be applicable to the solution they were searching for. 

Display ads are also helpful in capturing the thought of audiences, before they actively start searching for a solution. 

In what context the display ads are prominent? 

  • They transport your message faster. 

  • They lead to finer brand apprehension. 

  • Reach customers at every phase of the funnel 

  • Are simple to create and placed. 

  • Travel your message quickly. 

  • Reach the largest segment for the money target. 

How can one frame innovative display ads? 

With your targeting set, it’s time to gather your audience and compel them to click- which is where effective, valuable ads arrive. No matter your design skills, they’ll surely help in guiding you when selling out to attract traffic. 

One must follow these tips when planning and designing their innovative display and assets. 1. Use of the correct language. 

  • Use catchy copy.

  • a) Make them curious. 

  • b) Use of numbers and symbols. 

  • c) Establish urgency. 

  • Clutter free imagery. 

  • Compelling call to action visible above the fold. 

  • Remove the navigation bar to avoid the user clicking away. 

How can you display your network targeting right? 

There will be risk in serving your ads to people who basically don’t care about what you have to offer, without the correct targeting. 

Various targeting options are available across the display network which are as:- 1. Keyword Targeting- Google will serve your ads with the target keywords you state. 2. Demographic Targeting- It allows to target an audience based on demographic profile. 3. Topic Targeting- It allows users to target a group of websites which fit within the same topic. 

  • Interest Targeting- Google access to various data points on it’s users which allows it to display the data users enter into the search engine. 

  • Placement Targeting- For example- for targeting fashion audiences, you can have your ads displayed on websites such as Vogue, Grazia etc. 

Now if we conclude, 

Pairing with other marketing initiatives, it can even boost the performance of those activities. According to Techwyse, display ads are most effective in serving main purposes, as a matter of fact display ads are used to build or maintain brand awareness and foster loyalty.