Call Only Ads

What are Call Ads only?

Call-only advertisements, often known as “call ads” by Google, allow customers to call you straight from Google. You’ve undoubtedly seen them if you’ve ever used your phone to look for a local company. They’re easy to spot because of the large telephone symbol.

Call-only advertisements are displayed exclusively on mobile devices since they are intended to entice consumers to make a phone call. When consumers click on the ad, Google immediately displays the phone number of the company on their keypad. The user can call someone in two taps, reducing friction in the customer journey by eliminating the need to search for the number on the brand’s website.

Benefits of calling ads:

Call-only advertisements have a number of advantages that set them apart from other types of AdWords ads:

  1. Call-only advertising eliminates many time-wasters and low-quality leads. Invoca discovered that calls convert at a rate of 30 to 50 percent, but clicks convert at a rate of one to two percent.

  2. Google Advertising isn’t usually the easiest to produce, but call-only ads are an exception. They are simple to set up and are intended for even the most inexperienced designers.

  3. They Make Use of the Most Effective Sales Channels

  4. Not only are phone call leads of excellent quality, but the phone is statistically the top sales channel for the majority of firms. According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound report, phone calls are the top channel for sales professionals to engage with prospects.

When do you need to create call ads?

Call-only advertising is ideal for both local and national firms that operate on a local basis. A dentist, for example, would be ideal, but so would a countrywide network of hotels, because each motel has its own phone line. There are several situations in which firms should produce call-only advertisements.

Call-only advertisements might be a fantastic way to locate customers who need urgent services the following day or the same day. A call-only ad is more likely to be effective if the customer’s demand is urgent. For example, if someone’s basement is flooded, they probably don’t want to spend a lot of time searching the web for someone to solve the problem.

How do telephone ads work?

Only the Search Network provides call reporting. When you enable call reporting, we’ll issue your ad a Google forwarding phone number. You’ll be able to examine the specifics of your calls and count them as conversions this way. Calls whose length satisfies the minimum criteria for a conversion specified in your account will be recorded.

When creating an ad, you will be prompted to enter the following information: two titles (optional, but preferred), your business name, two lines of description, display path, and final URL. These fields can be displayed when your ad is on a mobile device when it is displayed, although some ads can be removed to make full use of the reduced screen area on these devices.