Call tracking setup

Call tracking is one of the ways which helps in measuring the performance of marketing and advertising campaigns by recognizing the origin of the phone calls. It could be a link click on your site or a simple advertisement print. Call tracking directly attribute every phone call to its certain marketing campaign. This represents clear feedback on the marketing investments. You can set up call tracking with google tag manager.

Following are the steps to set up call tracking with google tag manager:

1. Firstly, you have to open your google tag manager account. Press on the dashboard view of your site. Then press your cursor on the option ‘Add a new tag’.

2. Then a new window will appear where you have to give a new name on the ‘Untitled Tag’.

3. Then under the ‘Tag configuration’ click on the ‘Choose tag type’ option. Then a whole list of tag types will pop up in the sidebar menu. Then you can select ‘Universal Analytics’.

4. Then after tag type a new option ‘Track type’ will be there. Then you have to click on the ‘Event’ as your track type.

5. Then a few extra options will appear. You have to change them accordingly:

* In the category field type ‘phone call-click’.

* Inaction field type ‘{{click URL}}’. This variable ratify that the certain asset

has been downloaded.

* Then in label field type ‘{{Page URL}}’. This variable permits you to track

from where your phone number was clicked.

* Then click on the box ‘Enable overriding settings in this tag’.

* Then fill in your google analytics tracking ID.

6. Now you have to set up the tag trigger. Select the ‘choose a trigger’ option. Then click on the addition mark which is beside the search mark. Then rename ‘Untitled trigger’ to ‘Phone call-click trigger’. Then a new window will appear which asks you to configure the trigger. Then click on ‘some links’. After this three options will be shown where you have to choose the ‘click URL’ variable, then choose ‘contains’ and at the last type ‘tel:’.

7. Then you configured the tag and set up the tag trigger. Then click on the ‘Save’ option. Then you will be shown the main tags dashboard. Then click on ‘submit’.

8. Then a new page will appear where you have written ‘Added ‘phone call-click’ tag’ in the name and description box. Then press the ‘publish’ option.

Then a new page will appear where you a short analysis of information of your tags. Now, your phone call tracking tag is set up in google tag manager. Conversions can be tracked through your google analytical account. To bring the data of the phone call, open the google analytics dashboard. In the left sidebar click on ‘Behaviour’ then ‘Events’ then ‘ Top events’. The page which will appear will show you the new conversion data you are gathering.