What is a google search console:

Google search console is a very powerful search engine optimization tool. It aids in monitoring, maintaining, and making effective use of a website’s organic search.

Following are the ways to set up a search console account:

1. Sign in search console with a google account. It is a free tool. If you have Gmail, google analytics, you can use the same login.

2. Enter your website’s domain or URL to add a property. After you sign in you have the choice to add property through your domain or URL. It is better to set up a google search console by using the domain. It set up your account on a domain-level property. It means creating a single property that has all subdomains and protocol prefixes affiliated with your domain. It connects the google search console to every part of the site. To set up a google search console with the domain-level property. Fill the root domain of the site in the entry field and click on continue. Then select URL-prefix set it up as URL-prefix property. It means you are creating a single property. Search console will only connect to one version of your site. To fill URL prefix property, enter a URL along with its prefix and click on continue.

3. Then you have to verify your website. You have to verify your domain property and URL prefix property. To verify domain property, you have to go through your domain name system provider. If you find your domain name system provider, it will show comprehensive instructions certain to your provider. Then click on the ‘Copy’ option to copy the TXT record which was provided by Google. When you copied it, then go to the domain registrar’s site and log in to your account. Steer to the list of domains and choose the one you want to configure. Then click on the ‘DNS’ option. Then you will be brought to a new screen where you can see DNS records. Click on ‘Add to make a new one. Choose ‘Type’ pick out TXT. Below ‘Name’ put the symbol of ‘@‘. Paste your TXT record under the ‘value’. Put the ‘TTL’ at 1 hour. And then click on save. After that, you will receive a message of your ownership verification. You can verify your URL-prefix property by various options. Google advises using HTML5 to verify the URL–prefix property.

To apply this method you have to upload an HTML file in the root folder of your side. Following are the ways through which you can verify your URL-prefix property by using an HTML file.

1. You have to download the file which will be provided by Google.

2. Take access to the root directory of your site.

3. Then you have to upload the file.

4. Then you have to go to the search console and click on the ‘verify’ option.