There are many factors that influence customers to decide to make a purchase of the product from your company. If someone wants to buy something, he/she would prefer to ask her/his friend recommendation and then do a lot of research on the product. Now, it is very easy for everyone to make a purchase online without contacting a sales representative.

How to promote positive info:

1. Grab the right moment to ask your buyers journey:

You should ensure that you are asking your customer reviews at the right time with your business in their Journey to get the best results. The business has a natural relationship with highs and lows. If you ask your customer for feedback at the wrong time they will definitely respond with a negative review. Their reviews leave an impact on thousands of people who read your reviews before buying your product.

2. Select a method that works for you at a specific ratio:

You should instruct your employees to encourage your customers to leave a review on your site after they finish any project or service successfully. Make an incorporate request as a component of your email marketing campaigns for reviews. You should apply NPS to recognize your promoters and engage your service team to make relationships with them. You should apply to review a link as an optional final step after checkout pages.

3. Ask the customer in person:

You should ask your customers about their experience and reviews in person. You should ask your customers to join your company events. You should regularly ask your customers about their experience with your product or service. If you get a positive review, you should acknowledge their loyalty and value their opinion about your product.

4. Use the resistance where you can:

You should make your review leaving more engaging and comfortable for the customers. You should make it easy for customers to leave reviews. You can add several options so that the customer can select the most comfortable option they find. How are you can add a link directly to the page where they can leave a review easily.

How to get good reviews:

1. Optimise your content:

You should optimize your website, post, social profiles, and emails to give fast and simple revenues through which they can write reviews. You should set up website badges so that visitors can directly lead to your Facebook, and Amazon pages for reading and leaving reviews. You should optimize your website for mobile devices also so that customers can easily visit your website while browsing social or conducting searches on their phones. If you are hoping to get reviews by email you should keep it short and sweet.

2. Make incentives:

Everyone’s time is valuable so make sure to give a valuable reason to your customer to leave a review for your website. You should offer incentives that clear your customers to leave a review offering them a discount or coupon codes and bigger prices etc.