Have you ever heard people talking about content marketing and thought about what is Content Marketing?

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Things to know about Rabtul Pvt Ltd Content Writing

Rabtul Roadmap of Content Writing

  • Rabtul provides the best content

  • Use of best keywords in the content

  • Content is rechecked by the Senior of the Company.

  • Best quality and SEO-friendly content.

Let’s know more about Content Writing

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the process of planning, creating, and revising web content, usually for digital marketing purposes. Writing blog posts and articles, film and podcast scripts, and content for specialised platforms like Twitter tweetstorms or Reddit text posts are all instances of this.

What does a Rabtul Content Writer do?

Content writers can be found working for commercial firms, government agencies, and as freelancers on a contract basis. The following are some of the most prevalent sorts of content writers who are in charge of creating original material.

Types of Content Writers in Rabtul Pvt Ltd.

Content can be defined as knowledge or information or data. Online content takes a number of forms: blog posts, updates on social media, video and audio clips, websites, white papers, and more. When it comes to writing, authors are skilled in written content.

There are various ways websites come up with articles, and one of them is outsourcing the writing of content.

  1. Blog Writer: Blog postings used to be short written pieces that mostly focused on the blogger’s point of view. These days, a number of bloggers are producing long-form blog entries with analysis and interviews that are similar to papers. Readers enjoy blog articles because they are engaging and usually have a purpose, especially for devoted brand followers. Organic website traffic is fueled by engaging blog content. Companies who engage professional blog writers and use search engine optimization (SEO) tactics often see a 55 percent increase in website traffic.                                                                                   

  2. Copywriting: Copywriters are accomplished wordsmiths who have created a variety of content for the internet and, on occasion, print. They’re well-versed in a wide range of themes and tactics for engaging a certain audience. Copywriting is easier than content writing since it employs compelling, emotional language to persuade customers to take instant action. Copywriting has the power to make or break a business.                                  

  3. Ghost Writer: Ghostwriters help companies, business owners, and authors with writing jobs that they don’t have time to complete. They’ve written for a variety of tones and voices to match current content, and they’re really good at it. They also create material in the form of eBooks, articles, white papers, and other formats.                                                       

  4. Technical Writing: Technical writers are distinguished from other sorts of content writers by their in-depth understanding of math, physics, and technological principles. When it comes to writing articles, guides, manuals, and FAQs, technical writers are meticulous and methodical.                                                                                                                                    

  5. Social  Media Writer: For a number of social media sites, social media writers generate entertaining posts that drive likes, comments, shares, and following. To generate distinctive social media assets like posts, quizzes, and other sorts of interactive content, they frequently collaborate with graphic designers, videographers, and other members of the marketing team. To accomplish their work properly, they must keep up with the latest social media trends and changes.

        Rabtul Content Writer Possess following Skills: 

  • Solid understanding of SEO 

  • Excellence grammar style

  • Quick writing skills and the ability to meet deadlines

  • Knowledge of keyword research

  • Researching methods

Where do you see Content Writing in Rabtul Pvt Ltd?

In the digital world, content authoring thrives. There are various forms of writing that can be found in online material. The following are the most popular categories of online content:

  • Web Content: 

          Whatever we read online is classified as web content. This includes website text as well as information found in articles and blog posts. To have a good online presence, businesses with websites must have excellent web content.

           Rabtul writers who develop web content having good knowledge of SEO writing techniques and keyword strategy so that search engines find their content and rank it higher on SERP.

  • Blogging:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Blogs provide value to a website’s content in a variety of ways. Blogging is one of the simplest ways to keep your website updated with new information. Your viewers will benefit from the types of blogs you choose to put on your site. How-to blog pieces, for example, break down processes into simple stages that visitors may follow.

Other blog formats deliver in-depth information about new goods, services, features, and anything else you want in a fun manner that’s easy to share on social media. Building brand recognition takes time, but it pays off as more people become aware of your company as a result of your engaging content.


  • Social Media:

           If you want to increase your business in today’s era your business must be present on social media platforms. Social media platforms like facebook, instagram, snapchat, pinterest, twitter are some online platforms where we can grow  our business.You have the potential to build a relationship with people who follow your social media accounts and convert them to your business once they start following you. 

           Fresh material, comments, and engagement may all be found in social media posts. In reality, in today’s environment, social media is the most accessible means for customers to communicate with brands. Social media writers know how to produce text that is brief, original, and engaging. To elicit good responses from their audience, they include emojis and other bits of information in their communications.

  • Creative  writing:

          Creative writing involves both aptitude and a thorough understanding of the intended audience and goal. Before attempting to develop content that is hilarious, smart, and colourful, creative writers must have a thorough understanding of the brand and its target audience.

            People are moved to take action by creative social media posts, blog entries, adverts, and other forms of online content. Businesses benefit from this action in the form of conversions, notoriety, and loyalty.

            Rabtul Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore based company which helps in  Providing best content to their clients. The content is :

  • Quality Content: Rabtul Content Writers does not believe in quantity of content, in fact they believe in quality of content. They make sure to provide the best quality content.

  • SEO- friendly content: By providing the best quality content Rabtul Content Writers provide SEO-friendly content which helps in gaining organic traffic to the website.

  • Research: Rabtul Content Writer does proper research on the topic and then they put their views in the articles or blog.   


  • What do you do to research your target audience? 

We enlist the help of analysts and examine the information they offer. We also frequently solicit feedback from the sales/customer-service teams and, on occasion, contact directly with customers.

    2. How do you analyze the performance of content?

        Some common methods for assessing the effectiveness of online content include:

  • Search engine result page

  • Traffic and repeat traffic

  • Engagement – Like, Share and Comment

  • Call to action