What is meant by website audit? 

Website Audit is an examination of the performance of a webpage before large SEO. It helps to determine if a web page achieved the targeted goals or not. It will examine the website and review its quality. This will highlight the aspects of a website that could be improved to make the website achieve its purpose.

Why is Website Audit important? 

It helps to detect the weak campaign points of the webpage and improves the ranking of the website. Audit of Current website and ranking of current website for selected keywords will give them a basic idea about what can be improved on their website. They can take the help of various tools to conduct website audits such as SEOProfilers, SEOptimer. Com etc. 

Website Auditing step-by-step:

Step 1 – Choose a site auditing tool: use different tools to check the health of your website. 

Step 2 – Running your website address (URL) with the head of the tool. 

Step 3 – Dealing with technical errors in your website. 

Step 4 –Fix SEO problems. 

Step 5 – UX and style the website audit. 

Step 6 – Website contents. 

Step 7 – The checklists. 

Types of website audits:

  1. Website health audits: It helps to analyze the health of a website and reveals all issues which affect the website. 
  2. Competitive site audits: It helps to monitor the gaps for website promotions and also helps to detect the benefits and drawbacks of competitors. 
  3. Technical SEO audits: This includes crawling the overall site. It includes different steps like structure, adherence to best practice web. 
  4. Conversion optimization audits: It accesses the site for possible technical and onsite conversion problems.

Different kinds of tools:

  • Ahrefs: It helps to detect the website’s overall health. It can recognize about 110+ technical issues from more critical to fewer ones. Whatever problem is on your website, it will quickly find and fix the problem. 
  • Growth Bar: It is using the simple chrome extension that gives you instant access to critical SEO issues and also works for keywords. 
  • Site checker: It is the all-in-one SEO platform that merges all SEO’s and helps to track the performance of websites. 
  • SEO ranking: It is one of the best tools for website issues. It will also tell you what are things you should add to your website step-by-step. 
  • Mysite Auditor: It is suited for larger SEO agencies and directly compatible with the Google ranking algorithm. 
  • SEO Report Card: It will give you a quick analysis of your website. This tool works on websites that are based on these categories-rank analyses, link building, and current indexing.