Search Ads

Search Ads are essentially  a great deal in online/ internet marketing. A type of method using ads that will appear when an internet user types in specific keywords or phrases in search of any product or any service.We can say that it is quite a perennial way that assigns brands to advertise because they can secure a greater reach with a keyboard based strategy. When any applicable search occurs by a consumer, we generate an advertisement with a headline based on the query and so as to get better results from broader exposure for more stock content. 

Also we can wind up with a thought that search advertisements complement your existing keyword based campaigns to deliver more content and conversions within less time and effort. 

How does search advertisements work?

Exceptionally these advertisements are based on keywords which consumers are searching for, so your ads will show related content whatever a consumer intended to research about. It includes three main components: a headline, display URL and description text- which convince users to click. It catches unique searches, which can lead to expansion opportunities. It also fills in the gap where other search campaigns lack behind. Google tie search terms that are closely related to the content of your site. This directly allows for more congruence between the search term, advertisement and the landing page. Google Ads will test the most promising ad combinations and learn which are most prominent for different queries. 

How can one measure the influence of search ads?

Without a disbelief, search advertising can be a valuable strategy to generate brand awareness, leads and sales. Even when it is paired with an optimized landing page, it reaches its full potential.

  1. More visibility- It anticipates what exactly searchers want.Quickly getting in front of high intent search prospects. 

  2. Much traffic- They’re not just surfing the web rather, they’re likely interested in evaluating your product or service. 

  3. Reach more potential consumers with multiple headlines and description options that give you ads to compete in more auctions and match more queries.

Types of search advertisements?

The most popular platform for search advertising is Google Adwords, since google is the most popular search engine by a large margin, though smart advertisers also make use of Bing Words 

  1. Display Ads

  2. Traditional PPC

  3. Google Shopping

  4. Native Ads 

  5. Re-marketing

  6. Social Media Ads

  7. Inbox Ads

  8. SERP- Search Engine Result Page


      b.CPC- Cost Per Click

      c.Cost Per Conversion

      d.SEO- Search Engine Optimization 

      e.Check Through Rate


Search advertising is a persuasive form of advertising because people who search on google reveal a lot about their intent when they search. Advertisers also have the ability to bid on keywords so that their ads show up when people are looking for the exact things they sell. With search advertising, your brand will utilize keywords to make it to page one of search results.