What is google analytics?

Google Analytics is a service that provides statistics and general analytical tools for marketing and search engine optimization. This service is free for anyone with a google account. It is used for tracking the performance of the website.

How does Google analytics function?

Google Analytics requires data of users from every website the visitor goes through the use of page tags. Every page is inserted with the code of the javascript page tag. This tag moves into the browser of every visitor, gathering data and transmitting it to the google data collection servers of the user.

How to set up Google analytics:-

1. You have to set up a google tag manager first. It is a free tag administration system from google. It works really simple. It takes all data on your website and transfers it to other platforms. It permits you to easily upgrade and add tags to google analytics code.

2. You have to create a Google Analytics account on the Google Analytics page. Sign up on the page. Then enter your account and the name of the website including the website’s URL. And then select ‘Industry category’ and ‘Reporting time zone’. After selecting all options, accept terms and services and then you will get your tracking ID. The tracking ID consists of a set of numbers that inform google analytics to transfer your analytics data.

3. Now set up analytics tag with google tag manager. Click on the ‘ New tag’ option which will be appearing on the Google tag manager dashboard. Then a new page will appear. Where you see configuration and triggering options. You have to select the kind of tag you want to make by clicking on the Tag configuration button. If you want to create a tag for google analytics select

‘Universal Analytics’ option. Then select ‘New Variable’ from the ‘Google Analytics Setting’. Then you have to fill your Google Analytics tracking ID. After clicking on the ‘Triggering’ button. Then click on the ‘All pages’ so that it will send all data from your all web pages.

4. Then you have to set up Google Analytics goals. Go to the dashboard of Google analytics. Press the ‘Admin’ button on the left bottom corner. Then a new window will appear where you find the ‘Goals’ button. Click on it and then you will see a ‘New goal’ option on the dashboard of the goals. Then several templates will appear where you fill the destination, duration, pages/screens per session, event according to your choice.

5. Then link it to the google search console. It is a powerful tool that helps marketers to earn valuable search metrics and data. Press on the ‘Admin’ option that will be on the main dashboard in the lower-left corner. Then another list of options will appear then you have to select ‘Property settings’. Then click on‘Adjust search console’. Then select the ‘Add’ button and you will be taken to a new page. At the last you will see the option ‘Add a site to search console’, click on it. Then a new option will appear where you fill up your website’s name and click on ‘Add’.