Google ads is a program of Google that online advertise your product, it is also used for spreading awareness. Pay-per-click advertising is a Google ads policy, which means for every click visitors do on the ads you have to pay for it. Ads Per click average cost is between $1 and $2.

Why Google Ads? 

There are so many advertising mediums and methods everyone will have different suggestions to give you it can be difficult for you to decide. Here is an answer to why google ads? which will make your decision essay.

  • Google reach

You can deny the fact that how massive google reach is effective. when the term search engine comes many of us think that search engine means google. Want an answer for your project? google it, what to know keywords that can make your SEO better? Google it. You know 5 billion searches happen every day. Among people search for solutions and your business can provide an answer to them chances are there that your company website will appear on their search result list. They will always choose you over your competitors because your business ad has helped somehow even with your ad.

  • Budget control 

As you know google ads follow the Pay-per-click policy so you only have to pay every time someone clicks on your ad and there is no minimum cost it’s up to you how much you want to spend in a day, week, or month.

  • Monitor your success

Google provides you every information about every click that happened on your site. By knowing which advertisement is been clicked how many times you will get an idea about where to spend more or less money. Analytical tools are also present which will help you know about your customer’s shopping habits.

  • Helps small or start-up businesses grow

Google ads are a flexible and dynamic marketing platform that is fit for any size business small, medium or industry. You can stop or start any of your ads anytime which prevents you from wasting money unnecessarily. It prevents your money from getting wasted is one reason why it’s good for start-ups or small businesses is it’s transparent you can see result of your ad at any time.

Types of Google ads 

Three basic types of google ads: 

Search Network Campaigns: when someone types a product or service that you provide your business ad appears on their google search result page and this is a search network campaign. 

Display Network Ads: sometimes you have seen some ads appear in your app or any website, it actually display network ads.  

Video campaigns: YouTube ads are a good example of video campaigns.    

Shopping campaigns: Suppose you want to buy a laptop and you search for a laptop according to your needs google will show some product directly this is shopping campaigns. 

Google ads tool  

Here are some google ads tools which will help increase your reach: 

Account management tools 

Keyword tools 

Placement refinement tools 

Bid and budget management tools 

Ad creation tools 

Troubleshooting tools