Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is there an application which is practised by a lot of users to promote their brand and managing their presents on Facebook. Facebook marketing can include organic (free) and paid post. Facebook is the most significant platform to create your brand awareness and to interact with the customers. Today Facebook is a must platform to use for every business.

Several tools that accompanied by Facebook marketing and companies take advantage of them and they achieve most of their efforts out of it. It is necessary to have Facebook page to use this marketing platform.

How you can create your Facebook page:

1. Set up a Facebook page:

If you are willing to are establish your presence on this social networking site for business purpose you will required to create a page because Facebook profiles are in a vast majority.

To create your own Facebook page, you have to visit the

website https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/

Then you notice two categories which will appear which will be:

1. Business and brand

2. Community or public figur

If you want to create a Page for business purpose when you have to select business or brand option. Then a new window will appear where you have to type your company name under ‘Page name’ and the category of your company under the ‘Category’. Then press ‘Get started’ and you will be redirected to add a profile photo and cover photo for your page. And also skip this step and do it later and continue.

2. Add photos:

Then you have to add a profile picture to your account. It should convey your page identity and it should be updated frequently based on special occasions. Then you have to add a cover photo which will appear above the profile picture. It should express your page identity.

3. Add short description:

You should add a about your business. Should convey the message about what your business is all about. Your description will be showed on your page and in results.

4. Make a username for your page:

This is the last step on welcome menu. Your username will be showed in your vanity URL. It aids people to find your page easily. 50 characters are the limit for you to create your unique name for your business.

5. Make shortcuts for your page

Every Facebook page consist of vertical navigation bar on the left of the news feed. By adding shortcut you will get easy access. You have to go to your newsfeed and click on ‘Edit’ alongside ‘Shortcuts’ to navigate your page.

6. Create page roles:

Then you have set up page roles where you designate Who has excess of editing. On the top of navigation bar there is the ‘Settings’ option. Then click on ‘Page Roles’ in the left navigation bar. Where you will be presented with few options then you can designate according to your choice.

7. Verify your page:

When a blue tick is appeared on your page it means Facebook has confirmed your Waze to be an authentic page for a public figure, media company brand.