Google ads conversion setup

Establishing conversion tracking includes creating a small portion of HTML in Google ads that you paste into the web page of your website so that after completing the conversion customers visit immediately.

To set up Google ads conversion tracking following are the steps:

1. In Google ads you have to click on the ‘Tools and analysis’ tab.

2. A menu will drop you have to select ‘Conversions’. It will bring up the ‘All conversions’ page.

3. Select the ‘Conversion’ tab.

4. Then select the +conversion option so that you can create your first conversion.

Then you have to fill out a form that will support Google ads to create the appropriate HTML code for your website to paste.

You have to give the conversion a name so that you can track how many customers visit your site to fill out your site’s contact us form.

Then you have to select the source of the conversion. You have three choices webpage, Call on-site, and App download.

1. Webpage: you have to choose the appropriate conversion category from the drop-down menu. Then you have to select the markup language. HTML is used as the standard choice but you can use other alternatives. Then you have to enter a value for the conversion where you assign an amount manually. If you enable the tracking indicator it will show a message to the visitors where it is informed that your side is being tracked by Google. The tracking indicator is optional. You can turn it off by selecting the ‘Don’t add a notification to the code generated for my page’ option.

On the next page, you will get an HTML code that you have to paste into your web pages.

2. Call on site: if your website provides a business phone number to the customers to reach you directly, you can track the number of times the call is made to you by the use of conversion. You have to go through the similar steps mentioned above to generate your code then you have to insert ‘Onclick’HTML tags into the code given to you by Google. Then you have to insert your company‘s phone number in the given onclick tag and the ‘call now’ text whatever you like to use. Call now text given in the link is in a custom GIF image then you have to replace it with the name of your GIF file.

3. App conversions: Android apps that are downloaded by the Google play store are easily tracked by Google ads.

You will be asked for the app’s Package name’ if you want to set up conversion tracking for an android app. To find it out you have to go to the app’s page in the Google play store then you have to copy the URL and paste it into the ‘Package Name’ box. If you want to find out that it is working correctly then click on the ‘View in the android market link’ and you will go through the app page on Google Play. If you get it wrong it will show you an error or page not found.