A positive brand image has a great influence on a buyer’s decision to buy a product. For every virtual business, it begins online to maintain and that reputation. The image of a product depends on online reviews. It is very important to maintain your online reputation because it has a huge impact on someone’s decision to purchase. Every consumer goes through about 9 to 10 online reviews before they trust a local business. Online reviews play a very important role in the expansion of the business. You must manage to handle negative reviews promptly and efficiently.

Here are rules are given down below you should try to defend your brand:

1. Examine and analyze:

To defend your brand, you need to find out the talks what people are saying about your business. You should focus on every kind of conversation, every feedback will be proved to help improve and understand the perceptions. You can get your feedback from your reviews given by the customers, reviews on your sites, on your social media page, and bye directly

searching on Google about your business’s name.

2. Create a management strategy:

Once you get all your perceptions about your brand, you will only need to focus to improve your brand. You should employ specific people in your business that will aid you to improve the experiences of the people with your business.

3. Respond to comments, feedback, and reviews:

The best way to improve and innovate your brand is to understand the view of the consumers about your brand. Their negative reviews and criticism well lead you to the areas of your business that need a certain amount of attention and their positive comments will show you what are you doing right and what you should continue to do. Comments, feedback, and reviews will help you to manage your brand reputation. And it will bring changes to your brand that your customers want your brand to have.

4. Keep on practicing steps one, two, and three:

As mentioned above, it is a continuous effort to manage your online reputation. You should always research and observe the conversation about your brand to Get a flavor of your reputation where it stands. You should follow The steps of your plan and always work on the feedback you receive.

5. By offering compensation when necessary:

You should offer compensation to your customer when it is important. For instance, if your customer suffers financial loss or damage in this case compensation will be essential. Every negative review does not compensate. Most of the customers want to be heard.

If your reviews are negative, positive or they stand between positive and negative, they can have a positive impact on your SEO. Even negative reviews sometimes contain keywords that are pertinent to your brand, it will help you when any consumer searches for a product. If you are not publishing your negative reviews then you may miss out on possible traffic to your business or product.