Article Writing

It is a form of writing which gives useful information about any given topic. Articles are written differently for different audiences. Hence, before writing an article the author should consider the type of audience, they are directing the article to. With accord to the audience, as an author, you must consider the set of reasons you constitute, the vocabulary you use, the indirect references you make in your article and the most important of all being the tone.  

It is very important to contemplate the tone you choose to take up (for instance- snarky, cynical, casual, conversational or academic), and the overall message your article is putting out there. 

Even the length of the sentence matters. An article is meant to teach the audience as well as make them enjoy what they are reading. For example, after examining your audience, you certainly wouldn’t write an article about gun control in Magic Pot, a magazine for children.

Types of Articles:

Most of the articles written for general and specialized audiences come into three categories. To better understand these three types of articles writing forms, first, we have to understand the type of audience specifically.  

  1. Academic audiences – The articles for academic audiences consists of Journal articles, Case reports and Monographs. 

  2. Specialized audiences- The articles written for this category of audience shall be articles for association magazines, newsletters and hobbyist magazines.  

  3. General audiences – Most amounts of the audience come under the umbrella of general audiences. The articles for this group consist of articles for newspapers, national consumer magazines, blogs and social media. 

The three categories of Articles are following: 

  1. News, 

  2. Features, and 

  3. Opinion Pieces 

Let’s get to them one by one: 

  1. News articles: – The news articles simply focus on facts. These articles are present in newspapers, digital platforms like technology news websites and club newsletters. The most common of them are daily newspapers which are present among us since the 17th century. The ‘Wiener Zeitung’ newspaper of Austria was started in 1703 and is considered the oldest surviving newspaper in the world.

  2. Features: – Feature articles mostly contain opinions incorporating expert ideas, facts, narratives or storytelling elements. According to many journalists, Feature Articles are the most satisfying form of writing among all the other forms. Conventionally, the feature articles were present in print format and were associated with magazines. However, with time, newspapers have also embraced feature article form of writing because of the financial growth achieved by this form of arrangement. However, the Feature Articles present in newspapers are most likely to examine issues of current scenarios unlike, Feature Articles of magazines which are evergreen. 

  3. Opinion Pieces: – Opinion pieces and blog postings mostly take the form of columns or commentaries. They usually represent the opinions of either the publication or the author.

Spectrum of Article Writing:

When the boundaries dividing these forms of article writings become a blur, we can always conceptualize them on a spectrum. On the end of the spectrum, we have News focusing mainly on facts, in the middle of the spectrum we have Feature Articles focusing on opinions (often expert) and at the far end of the spectrum, we have Opinion Pieces & Blog Postings typically in the form of columns or commentaries.